Vikas Mann
Dear sir /madam I am a beginner pjc 2020 student, i want to pursue astrology professionally ,so is it very important to join MSP course. If so which course should i join. I havent done any MSP course before.Do guide
Thank you

  • MSP-2 is different and independent from MSP-1
  • They are different books and you can do MSP-1 after MSP-2 once we have announced to do it again
  • MSP-1 is the theory of Mantra Śāstra which is Sharada Tilakam
  • MSP-2 is Parāśara Remedies of Jyotiṣa

In fact in MSP-II you will learn how to see problems and to systematically give remedies. Sometimes the problems seem overwhelming, but you have to progress in a systematic steady manner to see real life changes.

If you are already learning jyotish, then this course is for you.

Ensure that you are learning jyotish, and keep learning throughout your life. Adi Sankara says that a life is not enough to finish a debate in jyotish. So this is the ocean of Vedic Knowledge and it will give you deep insight into spirituality of the Vedic people. It will alter your life fore all time to come. Keep singing this beautiful prayer and keep walking the path …

जय जय शंकर
हर हर शंकर
jaya jaya śaṁkara
hara hara śaṁkara


  1. Dear sir/madam
    I am a beginner 2020 student , i wish to join the msp 2 course , Can i pay the student subsidised price and join the course.I am under going certain financial issues , so if its possible ,do let me know and i will proceed with the payment.
    thank you

  2. Gaurav Gehlawat

    Shree Ganeshaay Namah
    Honorable Sanjay Rath Ji.

    I want to learn MSP 2 Mantra Shashtra Program. I love Jyotish, Mantra, Puraan and Ved.
    Its my passion and i have been trying to understand Jyotish for six years through self hard practice. Without your guidance, i may drown into this deep sea. Please help me

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