In what has become a dramatic real-life case of the old Bollywood movie ‘karz’, we have a young boy who remembers his immediate past life “incarnation” details where he was murdered. The boy, of the Druze ethnic group, was born with a long, red birthmark on his head. According to Druze beliefs, birthmarks are related to past-life deaths. When the boy was old enough to talk, he told his family that he had been killed with an axe blow to his head.  It is customary for Druze elders to take a child at the age of 3 to the home of his previous life if he remembers it. The boy already knew the village he was from, and upon reaching the village, he also remembered his past life name. The 3-year old boy correctly identified the spot he was buried, the village he was from, and the murderer.

Past-Life Corpse

Is this proof that reincarnation is real? In a village near the Syria-Israel border known as Golan Heights, a boy says he remembers being murdered. At first, no one believed him, until he led village elders to the spot where he remembered being buried. Mixed in with the group of village elders was a man by the name of Dr. Eli Lasch, known in Gaza for developing a government medical system. Lasch witnessed all these events. The villagers dug up the spot indicated by the boy as the place where his corpse was hidden/buried and sure enough there was as skeleton there.

Murder Weapon

Mysteriously, a large axe mark on the skeleton head corresponds exactly to a red longish birth mark on the boys head. The boy says he was murdered with an axe and then lead village elders to the spot where the murderer buried the weapon. Sure enough, they also dug up an axe! The boy then led people to the village he was from in his past life and told them of his previous name as well as the name of the murderer. When people of the boy’s former home village were asked whether such a man (name mentioned by the boy) lived there, they said that he had disappeared 4 years earlier and never returned. Note, the boy was three years old whereas the missing person of the village was lost since 4-years. Further, the name mentioned by the boy was accurate in addition to description of the location of corpse in the field.

Mark of Mars
When one dies a brutal death by a weapon, it leaves a terrible pain in the ethereal body marking the place where the blood had rushed out in the physical body. This is the mark of Mars which carries over to the next life. The marks of Mars are generally reddish and have sharp lines while those of Saturn indicate being struck by blunt weapons like clubs and are brownish and more blurred.

Past-Life Murderer

But strangest of all, the boy recounted exactly who the murderer was. When the boy confronted his killer, the man’s face turned a pale white and he started acting very suspicious. Once the boy lead elders to the exact spot of his corpse and the murder weapon the killer gave in and admitted to the crime. He ended up being charged with the crime and was prosecuted.


Is the boy a product of rebirth? Are we all perhaps rebirths of our past lives?

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