Number of Mantras

The primary Mantras are said to be about 70 million in number and the secondary mantra are innumerable. The number seventy million perhaps corresponds to the 7 weekdays times a million each but that is what seems apparent. It is natural that it would be quite impossible to learn all the mantra available in the world and tougher to understand them without the knowledge of Mantra Śāstra, the secret science of sound.

How many times does a person breathe in a day? The range varies from 12-16 breaths per minute i.e. 17,280-23,040 per day. In Vedic literature, this is given as 15 breaths per minute which translates to 21,600 breaths per day (15×60×24=21,600).

The Vedic calendar has many different systems of months – far too complex for the simple modern man who seeks simplistic answers for complex questions.

  1. The first is Sidereal Lunar Year with 324 days having 27 nakṣatra days per month times 12 months. This is purely based on the lunar mansions which govern the longevity of all creatures.
  2. Then there is the Sidereal calendar having 351 days
  3. The Synodic Lunar Year having 354 days (approx.)
  4. Civil or Sāvana year with 360 days (30 days to the month and 12 months to the year)
  5. The Pseudo solstice year which contains 378 days.
  6. The Sidereal Solar Calendar year defined the ‘saṁvatsara’ with 365/366 days.

Mantras are based on manas, the mind and consciousness which follow the rhythm of the Moon and pure lunar calendar of 324 days. Now, the number of breaths we take in 324 days is 21,600×324 = 6998400 or say 7 million. And in a lunar (nakṣatra) decade this is 70 million!

We can now see how the known mantras are linked to the ‘lunar breath’ flowing from the left nostril of all beings.

The breath flowing from the left nostril is the lunar breath which is cooling and enhances longevity while that flowing from the right nostril makes us burn up quickly. These map into the two channels called iḍā and piṇgala nāḍi respectively.

Mantra Parts

Every mantra has five principal parts to it. These are

  1. Rishi: The Seer
  2. Chandas: The Rhythm
  3. Devatā: The Enlightener
  4. Bīja: The Seed and
  5. Śaktī: The Energy.

In addition there is the sixth part called Kīlaka: The Lock, which maybe inside the mantra and which prevents the mantra from opening up and fructifying.

Prasiddha mantra are those which are (1) given by a seer of very high standing for the welfare of the world, (2) which are self-initiating i.e. special initiation is really not necessary but maybe done and (3) which do not have kīlaka (lock) i.e. they are unlocked like ‘free software’ that do not require a license.


  1. Santa Masandaviciute

    Enlightening correlation between number of breaths and number of mantras.

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