There are quite a few mantra courses available and most of them belong to specific lineages, religions or churches aiming to propagate the prayers and mantra associated with their specific religious institution. There is nothing wrong with what they do, and in fact, what these courses teach is helping to keep the ‘good’ in this world in balance against the ‘bad’.

But then, there is a need to have a course which brings out the teachings of the various Vedic traditions while being non-denominational. A course which is as scientific as possible and aims to teach the principles of this secret esoteric science of sound, called Mantra Śāstra, without becoming another religious school. This is important – we are not to become another religious school at any point of time. All we are to do is to become the beacon of light that will provide a torch for serious spiritualists, whatever be their faith.

Language Matters

It is next to impossible to achieve this without using a medium of instruction. The popular language of English is chosen as my means of communicating my thoughts and teachings. Yet I cannot do so completely without the support of the mother language from which this esoteric science is derived – Sanskrit. We must therefore, learn that much of this ancient language, which we call ‘functional Sanskrit’ that is necessary for achieving the purpose of understanding mantra śāstra.


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