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The syllabus for MSP-II is to be taught in two parts –

  1. Part-A is to be taught through webinars in April 2020-21. Admission is open to all. Fees to be paid online $1008
  2. Part-B is to be taught through contact classes in Sep 2021. Admission is no longer restricted for people who can make a commitment to travel to India/Bengal. Others can avail the recordings by joining the course after the course is completed.


MSP-II Part-A Webinars

Jyotiṣa Principles

  1. Navagraha: devatā; propitiation of planets including yajna, devatā-mantra, idol specifications, drawings on silk, worship method and homa process [Ch.86 BPHS]
  2. Kendra Rules: riṣṭa and ariṣṭa i.e. riṣṭa bhaṅga
  3. Exaltations: Viṣṇu (sattva-purity) avatāra
  4. Mūlatrikoṇa or Svakṣetra: Tattva devatā, pañcāyatana pujā; Pañca Brahma (Śiva)
  5. Debilitation: Śaktī (tamas-ignorance) and Vidyā (Kālī) as remover of tamas
  6. Digbala: Karma Yoga, devatā
  7. Rāśi: Dvādaśa Āditya

Curses and their alleviation

  • Types of curses [BPHS-Ch.85]
  • Bhāva afflictions, curse functioning and timing
  • Propitiation, remedy

Birth Affliction

  • Evils at birth [BPHS-Ch.87]
  • Negative indications
  • Propitiation
  • Tri-tārā doṣa – trimūrti or tridevī doṣa [BPHS-Ch.97]
  • Abnormal births [BPHS-Ch.98]
MSP-II Part-B Contact Class

Pañcāṅga Doṣa

  1. Tithi doṣa
    • Amāvāsya doṣa [BPHS-Ch.88]
    • Kṛṣṇa Chaturdaśī doṣa [BPHS-Ch.89]
    • Sun-Moon combination in rāśi/varga; remedy; duryoga or rājayoga?
  2. Yoga doṣa
    • Some Inauspicious Yoga [BPHS-Ch.90]
    • Propitiation of duryoga
  3. Nakṣatra doṣa
    • Eka-nakṣatra doṣa [BPHS-Ch.91]
  4. Vāra doṣa
    • Saṅkrānti doṣa [BPHS-Ch.92]
  5. Gaṇḍānta [BPHS-Ch.94]
    • Tithi gaṇḍānta
    • Nakṣatra gaṇḍānta of Moon, Lagna and other graha
    • Gaṇḍānta effects – pada doṣa; abhukta (e.g. Mūla nakṣatra) or bhukta (e.g. Jyeṣṭha nakṣatra); propitiation


  • Effect of eclipses at birth
  • Remedial measures to be adopted
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