The Himalaya Class is to include Shivaratri Puja (optional) but is strongly recommended.

Jageshwar Journey:We plan to land in Neelesh Inn, Bhim Tal a day earlier on 3rd March 2019 (Sunday). Others may prefer a day earlier and lots of water to overcome the jet-lag. We will be traveling in shared cabs in groups of 3-5 people (small/big car) to Jageshwar, Himalayas to perform Shiva Puja at the Nageswara jyotirlinga site. The starting time is 4am and we aim to be there by 7.30-8.00 am. It is a 100km journey in the mountains that takes about 3½ hours. The puja begins at 9am.

Dress Code: All men have to be in white clothes or white/off-white silk dhoti. A loose kurta-shirt and a comfortable white pant or pyjama can be worn. Please wear some warm clothes also as it is going to be quite cold (especially for Indians). Women can wear any dress that is not revealing. Do not wear garish and shiny clothes but plain or mild colours are advised. If you can, do wear a Sari for the puja. Other dresses have to be below knee length. Westerners can contact SatSiri Khalsa for any help and advice.

Light refreshments will be served after the pujā. We return the same day and should be back by 4.00 pm.

You are required to carry your rudrākṣa rosary and bag for chanting the mantras. The priest and assistant shall help conduct this puja. Also do carry a bottle of drinking water.

Don’t eat anything until the puja is completed. Those who have to take medicines and are required to take something in the morning, should inform Neelesh Gunwant so that their special dietary needs are met.

The cost of travel from BhimTal to Jageshwar and back and the cost of the puja shall be equally shared among the participants. This is going to be about $150-200

Tuesday, 5th March 2019 being the Amāvāsya of Kāli is given as a holiday for quiet time to recover and chant the mantras of the mother.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019 we start with informal discussions and explanation of the method of learning, the class timings, the rules and regulations; the traditions.

MSP-01 Himalaya Class is for eleven days, from 7-16 March 2016, both inclusive with a day off on Wednesday (13 March). We have Mantra Shastra in the AM and Jyotiṣa in the PM. A more comprehensive timetable shall be included soon

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